Published: May 24, 2013 12:00 AM EDT
Updated: May 23, 2013 5:37 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Autopsy results have confirmed 74-year-old Arthur Hohensee as the deceased at 11190 Lakeland Circle incident.

The medical examiner has determined that Arthur Hohensee died from a self inflicted gun shot wound and the death investigation has been ruled a suicide.

It all began with a domestic altercation in the Silverlakes community of Gateway.

Just after 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, deputies responded to reports of shots fired at 11190 Lakeland Circle. Deputies learned that Hohensee had fired numerous shots at two female family members. When the first deputy arrived on scene, the subject fired at the deputy. The deputy returned fire.

Inside the house, Hohensee continued to fire shots. The two victims, also inside the house, were able to get to a window, where they were subsequently pulled to safety by deputies. Neither victim suffered any significant injuries.

As Hohensee remained barricaded inside the house, a fire broke out. With an active shooter inside, firefighters were unable to enter the residence and any chance to control the fire at an early stage was thwarted.

The house ultimately burned to the ground. After the fire was extinguished, deputies entered the burned-out residence and discovered Hohensee deceased.

Hohensee's troubled family life

Arthur Hohensee's wife and daughter both filed orders of protection against him last year after they say they were threatened.

Bonnie Lee Hohensee writes that on November 18th, 2011, Arthur "was choking me and I bit his arm to get free and the police were called."

On January 12th, 2012, Arthur "threatened to kill everyone if I contacted an attorney for a divorce." Bonnie said the threatening message was on video and saved on a flash drive.

January 19, 2012, Bonnie writes that Arthur "threatened to kill everyone and said it would take a SWAT team to take him out."

WINK News Call For Action has also learned that Arthur and Bonnie finalized a messy divorce after 53 years of marriage. According to court records, Arthur withdrew all the funds from the joint accounts, totaling more than $95,000.

Arthur also told the court repeatedly that he would never pay his wife alimony or any portion of his pension. The judge ordered that Bonnie would receive Arthur's entire pension every month until she received all the money she was owed.

Arthur was ordered to start paying alimony on June 1st.

The judge said the divorce should have been a simple case, if not for Arthur's actions.


The Lee County Sheriff's crime scene unit is gathering evidence. Markers are on the ground, and the house is in shambles.
One neighbor says he came face to face with a man on a shooting rampage.

Craig Farmer says he thought he heard what sounded like firecrackers, so he went outside.

"It looked like the gentleman was getting golf clubs out of his car. And he was pulling a shotgun out and reloading it," he said. "I stood there and I watched him reload it. He shot all the cars up and he was shooting the house, and then in between that he was going back to the trunk of his car and reloading the shotgun again."

"He had two guns, he had, it sounded like a 9mm, and he had a 12 gauge pistol grip shotgun."

Farmer immediately called 911. He says he ran into his backyard and saw smoke pouring out of the neighbor's lanai.

Deputies got the two women inside the home out through the back window.
"One of the police officers, I saw him grab both of them from the back of the house, he grabbed both ladies and he ran across this way to the lake, and behind the houses and that's when an officer came to my house and grabbed me and my little girl, and we had to follow them,"

"He had lit the house on fire prior to the police even getting here, he had evidently. The lady that lives there told me he shot all the windows out of the house the only thing i think he did that was so the fire would spread faster," Farmer said.

The one girl said that she was running in the garage as he was shooting a pistol, and she said it made her hair flip. That's how close one of the bullets came to her. They were very shaken up, very shaken up, they were saying that he had threatened to do this."