Published: May 24, 2013 7:56 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - A little girl is embarrassed and a Charlotte County mother outraged after her daughter's graduation.

According to the family, faculty at the school did not give the 6-year old a certificate and left her on stage with all the other students who did.

Kindergarten graduation at Charlotte Academy is a day Angelina Basile says she will not forget.    

"I cannot even begin to tell you, I posted this video one time and the outreach from people all over the world," she said.

The Punta Gorda resident and mother of two says she knew her six-year old daughter Madi wouldn't be moving into the first grade.   

"The teacher called me in for a one on one and said that Madi had a developmental issue and she believed that Madi should be held back next year," Basile said. 

Teachers let Madi walk on graduation day, but Angelina says she never thought her little girl would be left empty handed.

"They called Madi up gave Madi a hug. Madi stood there for a second waiting for a piece of paper that never came," she said.

Basile says for the rest of the ceremony, her daughter had to stand on stage without any type of certificate.

"Somebody roll something up and go give it to her, grab something, anything make it right," Basile said.

WInk News contacted Charlotte Academy and got this statement which says in part:

"We have reached out to the family by phone. We have sent a letter of apology to the family, expressing our concern, and continue to invite them to meet with us directly to resolve any concerns they have."

"I did receive a phone call from the school and I said I can't even talk at this moment, I'm too upset. And she said what happened was a horrific circumstance and it should have been dealt with differently," Basile stated.

The YouTube video has already been viewed nearly 5,000 times.

Madi's mother says her daughter will be going to public school next year.