Published: May 23, 2013 10:55 PM EDT
Updated: May 23, 2013 11:25 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--WINK News is getting a better look at the history of Arthur and Bonnie Hohensee.
The couple was married for 53 years, but just recently finalized a messy divorce.

We've also learned that Bonnie filed restraining orders against Arthur after he threatened to kill her.

Their divorce was just finalized 2 weeks ago and we've also learned from Bonnie's attorney that Arthur was abusive and extremely violent during their years of marriage. Her attorney also says in the final months before his death, Arthur developed dementia and became irrational.

According to court documents, Bonnie filed for a divorce in January of 2012. Quickly after, Arthur drained the couple's joint bank accounts and took out loans against their insurance policy. That all added up to a little more than $110,000 dollars.

The documents say Bonnie was left with only a $650 a month Social Security check.

The documents say Arthur told the court he would never pay his wife alimony or any portion of his pension.

The judge ordered that Bonnie get Arthur's entire pension check until she received a little more than $13,000 dollars.

Just two weeks ago the divorce was finalized and the judge said if it weren't for Arthur's actions, this divorce could have been simple.

WINK News has also uncovered the authorities responded to their house several times in the past for domestic violence calls.
We got our hands on the Orders of Protection filed by Bonnie and their daughter, Susan Cordella.

Bonnie said on November 18th of 2012, Arthur was choking me and I bit his arm to get free."

Then on January 19th, Bonnie says Arthur threatened to kill everyone and said, in what some would now call an eerie prediction, it would take a SWAT team to take him out.

The next day, authorities committed Arthur to a mental health facility.

Our partners at the News Press spoke with Bonnie's divorce attorney who says Bonnie knew he was going to do something and that she was deathly afraid of Arthur.