Published: May 22, 2013 10:50 PM EDT
Updated: May 23, 2013 11:08 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--Protecting your children on our roadways. Last night WINK News broke the story of two children and their mother who died in a car crash on Alligator Alley. A final report revealed the mother didn't buckle up her kids and investigators say that was a fatal mistake.

Father Christopher Richardson knows how important it is to keep his four year old son, Gabrielle, safe in the car.

"Every Time I put him in the car, I strap him in until he says it is too tight," said Richardson.

It's something he says that just takes a minute and he knows what can happen if Gabrielle isn't secured.

"You see all these tragedies and stuff. People losing kids," he said.

Kids like 4 year old Madison and 3 year old Rylee Dougles.

They and their mother, Cecilia, were killed in January when Florida Troopers says Cecilia hit the back of a delivery truck and careened in to a canal.

The official crash report says the  two girls were not buckled up.

"Buckling your seat belt is the safest thing you can fo on any given day," said LCSO deputy Larry King.

King says in 2010,  3,300 lives could have been saved in car crashes if they were buckled up.

"The worst thing to see is for a child to be ejected even if just in to the front seat compartment  or out a window," said King.

Florida law requires everyone in the front seats to be  buckled up. Children 3 and younger must be in a child-restraint seat.

Children 4 through 5 can either use a child restraint seat or be strapped in by a seat belt.

"I have tears in my eyes. It is the simple things like that, that you can do to prevent situations like that," said Richardson.