Published: May 21, 2013 5:02 PM EDT
Updated: May 22, 2013 2:54 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, FL - "It's a huge decision to make to have a firearm whether on you or in your home because there's a big responsibility that comes with that," said Tim Brennan.

Tim Brennan never considered owning a gun until he and his wife were held up at gun point. The experience scared him and helped create the Second Defense Alliance.

"It actually is a piece of mind, you know when those things happen you wonder what do you do afterwards," said Brennan, the Chief Operating Officer of SDA.

The membership-based organization offers assitance to gun owners who use guns during a home invasion.

"We're boots on the ground, we would be there within 24 hours we pledge to start facilitating the process."

For as little as eleven dollars a month, Brennan said they make sure their members have lawyers. Attorney Jerry Berry said the more guns that are out there, the more likely someone will be involved in a shooting.

"It's expensive and it's important to have the funds available for a good lawyer. And if that service provides that, it might be a wise thing for a gun owner to have," said Berry.

Brennan said as the attorney works on their case, it's the alliance's job to help with what happens next.

"We make sure the counseling is going to get done, we make sure that the aftermath clean up is going to happen," said Brennan. "We're really here to protect our members and their families."

Both Brennan and Berry said most insurances don't cover the intentional act of shooting a home intruder. Since the company's launch in September, 2,000 people have already become members.