Published: May 21, 2013 2:25 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL--Cape Coral councilman Marty McClain will stay on the city council after he says a couple of his fellow leaders went on a witch hunt to oust him.

Last week, WINK News was first to report that McClain was living outside his district for nearly six months.

The residency debate came to a head in front of the public eye.

After four years serving on the Cape Coral city council, Marty McClain now now finds himself at the center of controversy.

"My private life and personal life is not going to be on display by any members or individuals on  this council," said McClain.

Last week, WINK News discovered that McClain hasn't lived in the district he serves for the past five and a half months.

While the charter does not specifically say whether or not the councilman needs to reside in his district for the entirety of his term, Councilman Leetz believes McCrail violated the city's charter.

Mayor John Sullivan proposed a special council meeting to determine what kind of investigation would be needed and who would conduct the investigation to see if their sufficient evidence to charge McCrail with misconduct. That motion was denied by the majority of the city council members. 

"To get up here and be crucified by a few members of the public and a couple members up here that  there is nothing they would love more than to watch that train wreck," said McClain.

The majority of the council voted against that proposal,  saying it would cost too much money and time.

Council member Chris Leetz believes McClain can't just move back in to his district and make it right.

"A bank robber doesn't get to go back to the bank and say I didn't get as much as i expected to  get so here is the money back," said Leetz.

McClain says his private life, should stay just that.

"It is a judge, jury and execution. It is none of their damn business. Period, the end," said McClain.