Published: May 19, 2013 7:54 AM EDT
Updated: May 19, 2013 10:52 AM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fl. - Hurricane season is almost upon us and we want to make sure you are prepared before possible storms hit.

It was standing room only at Saturday's 2013 Hurricane Expo in Punta Gorda.

WINK News was there along with dozens of other experts to help citizens get ready.

"Roofs blown off, we were holding on to doors, sliding doors and it was coming right down the canal..." says Richard Burns.

Burns recalls the destruction Hurricane Charley left in its path.  While the storm ripped through nine years ago, he remembers the nightmare like it was yesterday.

"We could see pool cages just torn off of houses and blows. it was terrible..." he adds.

"After they experienced Charley, I have to make sure im prepared at all times now," says daughter, Joanne.

The Burns joined hundreds at the 2013 Hurricane Expo at the Charlotte Event Center.  They were getting information about storm shutters, evacuation routes and how to prepare for the worst.  While some are no stranger to fForida's hurricane season, others will experience their first.

"We just moved down about 8 months ago, we just came from new jersey where we got hit with Sandy... being here in Florida, I wanna know what to do," says one New Jersey native.

It's an attitude county Director of Emergency Management, Wayne Sallade says is crucial especially in an area where more than half of the popualtion changes every eight years.

"You've got to know what storm surge zone you're in.  You need to know that storm surge is the rising tide that comes from the Gulf of Mexico, up into the harbors, into the canals and our creeks and it will overrun the land.  We saw it last year in Sandy... and the same thing can happen in this community," he says.