Published: May 19, 2013 12:20 PM EDT
Updated: May 22, 2013 6:04 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fl - There was more red white and blue on the roadways Sunday.  Hundreds of motorcyclists took part in the Freedom Ride 2013 to honor men and women of the military.

Honoring military heroes from the past present and future.  While motorcycles are the common ground for these men and women, the centerpiece of the freedom ride is something much deeper.

"We're just proud to be Americans and we're proud to be here," says Dwight Locke.

Rider and military veteran Dwight Locke joined nearly 200 bikers at the Naples Harley Davidson for the second annual Freedom Ride.  He says while the turnout is impressive, he hopes people see past the black and leather and focus on the red white and blue.

"I still believe that America is the greatest country on this planet and of we can support these young people that are now taking the place of us old guys that used to be out there, we can give them support," he says.

The Freedom Ride raises thousands of dollars for the Fisher House, a national organization that helps military families.  It gives them a place to stay near VA hospitals while their wounded soldier recovers.

"When the community and riders and veterans pull together, a prime example of the good that we can all do," says veteran John O'Keefe.

Never forgetting the sacrifice paid to preserve our freedom.

"Freedom is never free.  You have to work for it, earn it you have to fight for it.  That's what keeps our country going," he adds.