Published: May 17, 2013 10:00 AM EDT
Updated: May 17, 2013 10:20 AM EDT

BRADENTON, Fla.- Friends and family of a motorcyclist rally together to demand justice in his death. Authorities say a woman accused of drunk driving killed Carl Edward Patrick. He was dragged for miles before he died.

"Ed was just a really friendly person, just a really friendly person. Said friend Chrissy Risk.     

You could say 54-year old Carl "Ed" Patrick, was quite popular in the biking world.

"You saw Ed when ed showed up. You bumped in to Ed when you go places and he was just always there," said Risk.

A family man who many say was a kid at heart with friends all across the country. A man, who they say, loved his motorcycle.

"It was everything. That is all we have we didn't have a car, all we have was a bike. No matter what, even if it was raining, that was his life," said girlfriend Onika Tamisiea.

But last Thursday night in Fort Myers, Investigators say, Patrick was killed when 54-year old Donna Brown hit him down US 41 and Constitution boulevard.
Police say Brown was driving drunk and dragged Patrick and his bike under her SUV for three miles.
"I just had an accident myself and to lose him and hear how it happened, was just wrong," said friend Norman White.

Now Patrick's friends and family are rallying together for justice, to make sure his accused killer can never hurt anyone else and fight for all motorcyclists.

"I am going to do what i have to do and get my friends together and change some laws," said Risk.

They plan to be at every one of Brown's court dates starting next month.