Published: May 15, 2013 3:25 PM EDT

ESTERO, Fla.- Firefighters with Estero Fire Rescue saved a family of ducks on Thursday afternoon, after receiving a frantic call from a homeowner in the Meadows community.

The resident watched a mother duck moving her large brood from one pond to another by crossing a small street with a drain. One by one, the small ducklings fell through the holes of the drain and into the area below.

Lt. Terry Lindgren, FF Shaun Hagan and FF Dennis Goodlad met with the homeowner to rescue the ducklings. Using a large pry bar as a make-shift step, Lt. Lindgren lowered himself into the space and carefully scooped the sqawking ducklings out one by one. FF Hagan and FF Goodlad quickly checked them over and placed them in a box.

Firefighters along with the homeowner delivered the careful package to the nearby pond where mother duck was waiting along with the rest of her babies. Mother and ducklings are now reunited and back in their pond.