Published: May 15, 2013 5:40 PM EDT
Updated: May 15, 2013 5:58 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - A change of pace on some Charlotte County roadways. Seven streets are getting new speed limits with some changing by ten-miles an hour.

Drivers beware, soon portions of seven county roadways will have different speed limits. Some will change to account for more lanes.

Others will see a decreased speed limit because of safety concerns.

"We have people that just constantly speed," says Rachel Weber.

Weber lives on the corner of Midway Blvd. and Rock Creek. She hopes the county's decision to change the speed limit along this road will make things safer for her great grandchildren.

"They're not allowed to play in the front yard because we are afraid of accident happening and cars coming into the yard and hitting one of the kids," she adds.

Midway Blvd. from Edgewater Drive south to the end will be 30 miles an hour. Right now, parts of it are 35.

County leaders say consistency will make the roadway safer especially because of a series of bridges there.

"If someone approaches the intersections and strops, there may be an issues of seeing an oncoming car because of the height of the bridge," says County Engineer, Danny Quick.

Another stretch along Midway that will change is from Elkham to Harbor Blvd.

That will be 40 miles an hour.  Right now, it's 35, a change not all residents are happy about.

The list of all the changes:

1.Taylor road- Airport Rd south to US 41 (55 to 45)

2.Overbrook Street- Paulson Dr to Hillsborough Blvd (35 mph)

3.Midway blvd - Elkham to Harbor (40 miles an hour)

4. Piper Road - N Jones Loop to Henry St (45 mph)

5. Shoreland Street - Paulson Dr to Hillsborough (35 mph)

6. Midway Blvd - Edgewater south to the end (30 mph)

7. Rampart Blvd - Kings Hwy to Loveland (35 mph)