Published: May 14, 2013 9:56 PM EDT
Updated: May 14, 2013 11:42 PM EDT

Only our cameras caught the first glimpse of 14-year-old Megan Morris arriving at her Golden Gate home just days after being allegedly taken by 22-year old Ivan Coleman. Tonight, her stepfather is talking only to WINK News about the emotional ordeal of the last 72 hours.

Megan Morris' family is now breathing a sigh of relief.

"When they called and said they had found them, a huge boulder was lifted off my shoulders and it's still gone; it's just a good feeling," said Megan's stepfather, Juan Pineros.

14-year-old Megan disappeared on Saturday. She was found in Paducah, Kentucky with 22-year-old Ivan Coleman and her friend 15-year-old Tatiana Rosado who met Coleman on the Internet.

"She didn't know what to do, she was frightened, she was afraid to leave, afraid to stay, she didn't want to leave her friend with this guy," Pineros told WINK.

Pineros says its something you never think will happen to your family. He describes the moment he was reunited with Megan.

"Me and her mom gave her a hug and basically just rushed her, we didn't want to let go of her."

He says Megan is weak because she didn't eat while she was traveling in the car with Coleman.

"She's doing better, they had her at the hospital in Kentucky, they were checking her out. She had some stress, her stress level was really high, but from then to now she is doing a lot better," Pineros said.

And while the nightmare of her disappearance is over, the family says their daughter has some healing to do.

"For the next couple of days, we are going to roll with the punches and see where it takes us, whatever she needs."

Megan's step-dad tells us they are going to take her to a doctor here locally, and get her any additional help she may need.