Published: May 14, 2013 12:15 PM EDT
Updated: May 14, 2013 5:45 PM EDT

MARCO ISLAND, Fla.- Employees with the Waste Water Treatment Plant came face to face with a Burmese Python! The group found the python in a valve box at the Marco Island Utility Plant.

"Once I got her out it was pretty much, 'Wow! I can't believe there is this big snake!' I thought they were definetly exaggerating," said Waste Water Operator, Mike Gee.

And when you're face to face with a 12 1/2 foot snake, "Wow!" is a common reaction.

"Most people, when they say they have a large snake, it's about four to five feet long and I raised this lid and I could tell immediately it was a Burmese Python," said Gee.

Mike Gee and Chris Sparacino found the snake coiled in a valve box.  

"When I was able to get my hands on her and pull her out, it felt pretty good; It was very much of a rush," Gee told WINK.

With both of gees hands on it's head, he needed help because it was clear she was one unhappy snake.

"It was apparent Mike needed a little bit of help, the wild life official was holding the bag open and I did what anyone would do, I jumped in there and tried to get it done," said Sparacino.

At one point, the python put up her guard and started to fight back.

"She did wrap my arm a little bit and started to squeeze, but I was able to get my arm out and get back to work on getting it contained."

In the end, these python wranglers were able to bring down the 100-pound python.

"I really didn't think she would weight that much once we got her in the bag and it was like back at the farm picking up a 100-pound bag of feed," Gee explained.

FWC took the snake, and euthanized her. When the python was cut open, she was full of eggs. These exotic snakes are wanted, dead or alive. You are asked to call 1-888-IVE-GOT1 and report any sightings. You can also log on to