Published: May 13, 2013 5:52 PM EDT
Updated: May 13, 2013 5:57 PM EDT

CAOE CORAL, Fla. - We want to  celebrate moms all the time but especially of course on Mother's Day.  For one Southwest Florida mom though, it was an extra special celebration as she welcomed a new baby girl to her life.     

She gave birth around 5 this morning.

"I'm very happy because I have her in my hands, I was like waiting for her to come!" says mother, Nieves Jimenez.

For parents Nieves Jimenez and Yonnatan Zuazo, mother's day started around 3:00 Sunday morning and in an unexpected way.

"I was sleeping and she was saying Yonnatan, Yonnatan please wake up, I said, what's wrong with you? but I just got the feeling that she's gonna come like today!" says the father.

Their new daughter came a week earlier than expected.

"I started counting the contractions... when I saw that I was getting to close and I said, oh my God, it's going to happen on mother's day, this is going to be my gift!" the mother adds.

Meet Zuleka.  At seven pounds and nine ounces, she's this proud couple's forth child.  And as an added bonus to mother's day, Nieves says Zuleka was by far her easiest birth.

"She has been sleeping all morning long... it made me so happy when I saw her."

"I was crying in the morning... I'm happy im happy," Zuazo adds.

These parents of now four children say this is a mother's day they'll always remember.

"It's very great to be a mom... to raise them, to give them love and what you receive back from them," she adds.