Published: May 10, 2013 10:56 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - Collier County Commissioner Georgia Hiller is calling for an investigation into the county Medical Director.

Hiller is asking her fellow commissions to vote Tuesday to direct the Medical Director Subcommittee of the Public Safety Advisory to investigate claims that current county Medical Director Dr. Robert Tober is putting people's lives at risk.

In a letter written this week, Physicians Regional CEO Scott Campbell claims Dr. Tober is working "extremely closely with NCH" and that patients have been taken to NCH when Physicians Regional is closer.

Dr. Tober is a physician at NCH. Hiller questions two recent stroke related deaths at NCH and whether the patients would have survived had they been taken to Physicians Regional's Stroke Center.

Campbell writes that Physicias Regional has the only accredited Comprehensive Stroke Center in Southwest Florida, yet only 12-15 percent of Collier County Stroke patients are being transported by EMS to Physicians Regional.

Commissioner Hiller is asking for a full study to be done on how many patients are being transported by county EMS to one hospital over another hospital.

In the letter to commissioners Campbell points out an email written by Dr. Tober last December. In it, Dr. Tober advocated that the protocols would, "divert about 40 percent of the patients currently going to NCH..."

Another concern of Commissioner Hiller's is regarding a complaint from a Collier County father that his son died because EMS failed to arrive on scene in a timely manner. EMS claims no emergency tone was heard. Hiller says failures are being reported on a daily basis and she wants to make sure the communications system isn't failing.

In Januaray, Hiller says the county's Medical Director released updated rules of conduct as official without getting approval from the appropriate agencies. Hiller alleges the rules of conduct regarding pediatric rescue breathing were incorrect and had they been followed by EMS, a child could have died.