Published: May 09, 2013 5:42 PM EDT
Updated: May 09, 2013 5:57 PM EDT

ESTERO, Fla.- Talking about the relocation of Hertz global headquarters to southwest Florida proved very common during a Regional Economic Symposium at FGCU.  The topic, coincidentallly, was how companies choose new locations.

"I am not surprised that this area is getting such a major company," says Del Boyette, who has a firm consulting with companies that want to rre-locate.

"I know Lee county has Chico's and that company has been successful and has acquired other companies in its field. That says to executives, this is a good area for talented and creative workers.   It's really a selling point," says Boyette. "So I am not totally stunned that Hertz is coming here. I have always considered this area, primed for a Fortune 500 company."

We also heard that Florida Power and Light Co. will offer about $125,000 in incentives to Hertz. FPL can do that witht he permission of the state's Public Utility Commission. Lynn Pitts of FPL says they can grant discounts to any company that moves to the state, or an existing company that expands by 10 workers or more.  

Hertz will not say yet when it might close on a deal to buy land at Williams and 41 in Estero. However, the company's main spokesman in New Jersey did tell WINK News, that they are confident they will complete the purchase agreement on the property and will build the headquarters building at that site.   He says they most likely will have a ground-breaking ceremony to kick off construction. Eventually, 700 people will work at the headquarters, making an average salary of $102,000 a year.   The building will be about 300,000square feet, but there is adequate space to expand that if necessary to 450,000, according to Lee County officials.