Published: May 09, 2013 11:52 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Early Thursday morning, bullets flew through downtown Fort Myers, narrowly missing a large crowd and police officers. The person responsible is still on the loose. Thursday night, police kept a close watch, increasing patrols while nearby businesses hoped for a quieter night.

We're learning this is not the only time in the last week violence like that has broken out in city streets. We found a YouTube video posted last week, titled "Fight on Hendry Street Fort Myers" under the name of Nik Bahrami, Pulse Nightclub owner. You can hear yells and car horns honking as the brawl blocks the street.

It was a similar scene early Thursday morning. Fort Myers Police were called to break up a fight near Pulse Nightclub. Henry Jenkins, who claims he was trying to protect his family, was tasered when he ran from police and charged with Resisting Arrest without Violence. Amid the altercation, they say someone shot at the large crowd which included 5 officers.

"About six or seven gunshots went off," Sarah Stephens at Space 39 said. "Kind of scary. I think it was probably something from outside downtown that brought it here. I don't see it recurring."

No one was hurt. The suspects took off, eventually abandoning the 2005 gray Pontiac about a mile away on Indian Street.

"Bar owners have some responsibility here and businesses, to be a good neighbor and good business," Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker said. "1527 Hendry Street has been a great problem for many years."

"There is a percentage of our society that has lost all touch with reality," Baker said. "It's not just here, it's throughout the country. No amount of resources is going to prevent violence."

Still, police increased patrols Thursday night as a result of the violence.

"It's just everywhere, especially when alcohol, girls and those kinds of things are involved," clubgoer Zakk Zurcher said. "It's bound to happen. People don't use their heads."

We spotted people getting pat downs as they entered. Zurcher said he's disappointed by Thursday morning's violence, but that fighting inside the club is not the norm. "I've never seen a fight at Pulse whatsoever, not even a fist fight," Zurcher said.

We reached out to the owner of Pulse Nightclud but have gotten no response. Chief Baker said they've collected evidence from inside the abandoned car and he expects to have a suspect in custody soon.