Published: May 09, 2013 10:00 AM EDT
Updated: May 09, 2013 10:08 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL--The next phase of Cape Coral's water and sewer installation is about to begin, but 11 churches are nervous about being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to for the hookups.

Wednesday night, Cape Coral City Council voted to move forward with hooking up a 4-square mile area to the city's water and sewer. The areas are known as southwest "six" and "seven".

The amount each land owner would pay for the hookup depends on property size and that amount is still undecided.

"It could range anywhere in number, so there is no clue," said Mike Carter of Cape Coral Assembly of God.

Carter says his church sits on 8 acres of land and  the cost of water at his church could keep food out of peoples' mouths.

"So a church our size, it would limit us to making the greatest impact in to the community," he said.

10 other churches in the area with large properties share the same concerns.

The problem is over the course of previous installations, homeowners have paid an average of $11,000 for water and sewer hooks ups.

That leaves pastors with churches on big lots really worried.

"Our property could consist of 48 different single family homes," said Brett Furlong of Cape Christian Fellowship.

In the past, the city paid a large part of the fees for places like churches, but tonight council approved looking in to the possibilities of just offering discounts to large parcel areas.

Some homeowners worry that too many discounts would mean they will foot a bigger bill..

"The fair thing to do is just like the residents go by the frontage," said one resident.

Frontage means how much of your property faces the street. The next big date to remember is may 22nd because  that's when homeowners find out what their bill will be and churches find out if they get a break.