Published: May 07, 2013 9:45 PM EDT
Updated: May 07, 2013 10:49 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla - Neighboring communities are looking forward to the ripple effect Hertz relocation will have.

Mike Reagen, Ph.D. is the President & CEO of the Greater Naples Area Chamber of Commerce. He says companies like this don't care about county lines and that means many of those 700 employees and their families will be looking to live in Naples.

Months ago, Michael Reagen was sworn to secrecy when Collier County was put on the radar for the Hertz relocation. "They had been here a year before and gone over everything. Nobody knew they were here," says Reagen.

Fast forward to now and we all know Lee County got the nod. Regardless of the location, Reagen says having a Fortune 500 company in Southwest Florida is a win win for everybody.

"These kinds of companies, they don't care about jurisdictions," says Reagen. "Get in a helicopter with me and lets just look down. We're one swath of area."

With that Reagen expects many of the 700 new employees and their families to venture south when it comes time to buy homes and find schools for their kids.

"It's great for Collier County. It's great for Naples. People will buy homes," says Reagen. "They were very interested in this proximity. The fact there's a county line, I'm not minimizing that but this is not a trickle down. It's going to ripple both horizontally and vertically. We're going to be flooded with the positive aspects of this company."

Reagen says this deal with Hertz also sends a news flash nationwide that the greater Naples Area is open for business. He says there is no doubt other companies and businesses will soon follow.