Published: May 04, 2013 8:58 PM EDT

An unexplained tragedy takes the life of two young men and today, a grieving community says goodbye. 20-year-old, Paul Baldwin and 17-year-old, Jiatarious "Jojo" Brunson were shot and killed almost two weeks ago in the Fort Myers Renaissance Preserve community.

Today, the cousins were laid to rest together and family and friends are struck by grief trying to comprehend why the lives of these two young men were taken so soon. Meanwhile, the search for the person responsible for pulling the trigger continues.  

"I'm hanging in there, I have to stay strong for them because they are watching over us, they are angels now," said friend Mary Desire.

Desire is staying strong in a time when her world seems to have crumbled. Her nephew is Jiatarious "Jojo" Brunsons four-month-old son.

"I hope his son takes up after him, because he was really good, he was a good father, he did a lot of sports," said Desire.

Hundreds reflect on the life of both of these young boys, we hear about Jojo's time on the football field.

"This guy brought us here to this point in the season and now he's gone. He was a great kid and brought a lot to the season, he had a great future ahead of him," said cousin Tahkeem Bridley.

And just how smart Paul was in school.

"He was really educated too. We used to be in class and he would get his work finished first and then listen to his music," said Desire.

Almost two weeks ago, police say Jojo and Paul were in the Renaissance Preserve neighborhood, when someone shot and killed them.   "It makes me feel angry because we need to find them, we need to get this right," said Desire.

"I be on my mind a lot, it's crazy because I don't understand how it happened so quick, like it was unexpected for me to lose a friend," said friend Markeshia White.

The Fort Myers Police Task Force had officers patrolling the service, hoping to let the family mourn and say good bye in peace.

"They were awesome kids. Where we grew up at, you know the environment, there was bad people, bad things happening, but they are in a better place now I know that, said Bridley.

Friends and family say both men were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.