Published: May 03, 2013 9:29 PM EDT
Updated: May 03, 2013 10:50 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla - This week marked President Barack Obama's 100th day of his second term. When he was re-elected many Republicans said he would kill small busineses, while Democrats were optimistic of the direction the economy was heading.

The day after the election, we talked with two Naples businessmen on both sides of the aisle.

Republican Bob Jack is the owner of Character Eyez, an optical boutique in Naples Bay. Democrat Phil McCabe is the owner of the Inn on Fifth and new Club Level Suites. He owns several restaurants and other properties in Naples.

Back in November McCabe told WINK News he was optimistic looking ahead. "I do not see anything, but a positive economy."

Jack said it felt like he was punched in the stomach. "I thought if Romney had gotten elected, I thought the economy would take off like a bottle rocket," Jack said last year.

Six months later we went back to talk to the two men.

"Naples had a good season and everyone knows that and we were no exception," says Jack.

McCabe says, "since the election, I feel more confident than ever. The evidence is out there."

McCabe has since opened up new Club Level Suites and couldn't be more excited talking about the current state of the economy.

"Overall, sales of my hotel this winter season are up 50 percent over last year," says McCabe.

Jack says his sales were up, on average, 5 percent from last year and while he says things are not nearly as bad as he thought they were going to be, he's still holding off on expanding his business.

"I should have an employee right now. I should be out promoting my business, not working in my business."