Published: May 03, 2013 5:39 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - Hidden cameras catch a glimpse of a Collier county panther that killed a pet goat.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission set up cameras after the homeowner reported the killing Monday in his 10th Street NE yard, right behind the Collier County Fairgrounds.

Authorities believe the wild panther is a male around 1 to 1 1/2 years old.

The man says he buried his goat Tuesday morning, before the cameras recorded the cat returning to find its prey.

The pet owner says the panther did not bother with his 2 horses left in the yard.

FWC investigators say the best way for pet owners to protect their pets is to lock them away at night and install a high barbed wire fence to keep predators at bay.

"Panthers are just animals trying to make a living. They don't know that this is some body's beloved pet, they don't make that distinction... To them a goat looks an awful lot like a deer," said Mark Lotz with FWC.