Published: May 02, 2013 5:37 PM EDT
Updated: May 02, 2013 6:55 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.,- Making room for more parking on the beach. It won't happen overnight, but beach leaders are trying to alleviate major traffic tie-ups, especially during season. The newest idea involves two parking structures on Fort Myers Beach.

The idea of a new parking garage is nothing new for Nervous Nellies owner, Rob Degennaro, but this time, the town wants to build on his land.

"My main concern is parking for our customers, I mean, we do fill the lot on our own, so whatever they'd like to propose I'd like to hear it," said Degennaro.

The proposal? To bring two parking garages onto Old San Carlos Boulevard, one behind 'Winds', the other caddy corner to Nervous Nellies.

"Is it necesaary at this point in time? Probably. We could at least use up to 50% more parking spaces, especially in this location, yet people find a way to come."

The outlines suggest building an exit ramp at the middle of the Matanzas Pass Bridge that would put cars inside the three or four story garage with up to 600 spaces.

Vice Mayor Joe Koskinski wants business owners like Degennaro, to become part owners allowing them a share of the money the garage brings in.

"If it really is out there, they are looking, they are thinking on a conceptual basis, I'd like to hear about it," said Degennaro.

Mayor Alan Mandel says this structure is a small piece in a big puzzle on an island where traffic is a constant problem.

"We have to look at do you need the structure? How best do you access and exit it? It has to start with discussion of traffic on and off this island," said Mandel.

Nervous Nellies would not lose its parking. The entire first floor would be reserved for customers and for people who live in the Snug Harbor Apartments. Plans will go in front of council members on Monday.