Published: May 01, 2013 9:00 AM EDT
Updated: May 01, 2013 10:09 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, FL- It's your money and Lee County will pay big bucks to bring in a Fortune 500 company.

Lee Commissioners voted today to kick in $4 million  of your money to seal the deal and the state is committing at least $7 million.

The name of this company remains a mystery. This mysterious company is expected to create hundreds of jobs here in Southwest Florida. TRhese are jobs with a pretty nice salary.

Realtor Erik Leitzes says a Fortune 500 company could do wonders for Southwest Florida.

"They bring a lot of people from a lot of areas to come down here and it just brings a lot of more business," said Leitzes.

According to an economic impact study by Dr. Gary Jackson, 700 new jobs would be created and each comes with an average salary of $102,000 a year plus about $15,000 in benefits.

Leitzes says people with that kind of income typically spend about $250,000 on a house.

"Single family homes and condominiums like the gated community of Renaissance located in south Fort Myers," said Leitzes.

That many people who make that much money will buy other things here, like boats.  

Folks at Fort Myers Marine say people making more than 11 grand a year typically like to buy boats with a pretty price tag.

"These boats are anywhere from 75-145 thousand dollars, it could make a big difference," Fort Myers Marine's Ron Groeneveld.

A boat owner will also spend hundreds more a month for fuel and storage with every dollar contributing to more jobs and a brighter economy here.

"To have this company come in and bring only the jobs but the tax base is going to increase so much," said resident Terry Slobodzian.

Sales tax income would also rise, adding $2.3 million dollars a year to the state's account by 2016.

"It is going to be wonderful for the city, for the people and it is just what this town needs," said Slobodzian.

All of that could add up to as much as $340 million dollars a year added to our economy.