Published: May 01, 2013 5:40 PM EDT
Updated: May 01, 2013 6:59 PM EDT

Lightning was a major concern with the storms passing through Southwest Florida. Firefighters believe one bolt hit a home and damaged its roof. The strike sparked a fire at a house on Lebanon road, that's west of Three Oaks Parkway in San Carlos Park.

The fire department says situations like this are extremely rare. They usually respond to calls of a lightning bolt hitting a tree or a pole, but today the situation was different, the lightning hit a house leaving a hole in the roof. Temporary tarp covers a hole in the roof caused by a bolt of lightning. There were no visbile flames, just smoke coming out of the roof. Once firefighters arrived on scene they were able to put out the smoke within five minutes. Four trucks carrying, 12 firemen responded to the initial call. One person was inside of the home at the time the the lightning blew the hole in the roof. The damage is minimal, just some small applicances and the roof will need to be fixed.

"I'm just glad it's not worse and these guys came in and took care of it right away because with the smoke it can always lead to a fire that smolders for too long; They were right here to handle it and everything's good," said home owners Jim Knox.

We're told the amount of damage is between three and five-thousand dollars.