Published: Apr 27, 2013 6:34 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 27, 2013 6:41 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL. Fla. - Drive along any major road in Cape Coral and you'll see them. Pink apes, life-sized robotic mannequins and human sign spinners. Now, some are working to determine if they go too far to get your attention.

"It is a good way to draw people in and it's fun and a good workout," said sign-spinner Kaitlyn Britt.

In an effort to get your attention and your foot in the door, businesses will try anything to cut through the clutter.

"I saw your sign guy he's really cool, I just wanted to come in and check this place out," said Daniel Castellanos. 

But the city says it's time to put rules and regulations in place after letting guys like this slide for years due to tough economic times

"That would be absurd. It would really hurt a lot of business. There's a very good chance we wouldn't have made it more than two months. Our first couple weeks were very slow and a majority of our first time customers said they saw our pink ape out front," said Vapin' Ape owner, Kris Jacobs. 

Next month, Cape officials will meet and discuss the current ordinance and decide if these creative tactics cross the line.

"It would hurt the tax money that the city it gonna get off these businesses and force me to shut down my Cape Coral location and go elsewhere," said Jacobs.