Published: Apr 26, 2013 10:58 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 27, 2013 12:47 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - A Marco Island woman is caught in the middle of a massive manhunt for three armed suspects in Collier County.

Marge Hawes is thankful to have her car back after a day she'll never forget. Men running from Collier County deputies stole her red SUV and used it as their getaway car.

"I looked out the door and to my utter amazement because this is a very secure facility there were at least two men in our car taking off with it," says Hawes.

Hawes was at First Choice Storage in East Naples Wednesday unloading some packages from her SUV when all of a sudden her car was stolen right before her eyes.

"I didn't know until quite a bit later that they were armed and when I think about that, I swallow kind of hard," says Hawes.

Collier County Sheriff's Deputies say the men had just ditched their vehicle at a nearby Cracker Barrel restaurant and took off toward the storage bin. Witnesses say the men jumped over an 8 foot fence into the facility.

Hawes says she never felt fear, but anger. "I started chasing them down the aisles of the storage unit and I'm not sure what I was saying. You can't do that, stop, stop."

She chased them all the way to the entrance, but they got away. She waved down deputies who followed the SUV east on I 75 before. The men used a construction only exit and ditched the SUV before running off on foot. Deputies set up a large perimeter where they found Hawes' car, but not the men.

"I keep thinking if I had been a minute earlier or a minute later I could have actually been involved in it," says Hawes.

It took deputies a day to process her car for fingerprints and DNA. She now has her car back.

Anyone with information on where the men might be should call 911.