Published: Apr 26, 2013 8:00 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 26, 2013 11:25 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--Calls for review go unanswered after the Florida Department of Education confirmed that the inspector general will not investigate members of the Lee County School Board.

Sannestine Fortine has two children in Lee Public Schools and she says she's had enough of the school board's drama.

"I think they have a lack of concern for our students and for our kids," said Fortine.

Today the Florida Department of Education released letters saying they have no plans to investigate members of the Lee County Shool board nor will they look into accusations against board member Jeanne Dozier.

"I am a little concerned it makes me feel annoyed with the whole processm" said Fortine.

A process started by board member Tom Scott when he submitted a letter to FDOE asking to investigate board member Jeanne Dozier for what he calls illegal activity. Dozier insists she didn't do anything wrong.

"I was simply making sure that everyone had the information that I had," said Jeanne Dozier.

Board member Don Armstrong says he refused to even ask the inspector general to investigate anyone.

"It is costing taxpayers money and it is a waste of time," said Armstrong.

Scott says he plans to now submit a complaint about Dozier to the ethics committee.

"If someone has done something wrong I'm all for taking the right kind of disciplinary action up to and including dismissal," said Scott.

Which is exactly what Fortine wants to see happen.

"At this point I just want people to get fired and they need to get fired," said Fortine.