Published: Apr 26, 2013 10:34 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 26, 2013 11:34 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--A show of unity at Fort Myers High School tonight after a Tweet about a possible planned shooting. It scared both parents and students today, but not enough to keep them away for the annual student concert.

The show went on Friday night despite a scary day for some at Fort Myers High School.

"I walked in here thinking anything could happen, but after the music started I was like yeah this is good," said student Julie Martin.

Senior students put on a concert called Prism which is a  yearly tradition with different bands and music the students pick out.

It was a normal ending to a day that started out with a scare.

"Some were just kind of freaking out," said Olin Hendershot.

Freaking out over a tweet which questioned a possible planned shooting at the school.

"Like some of my friends today after school were talking about it and we were kind of scared," said Herndershot.

Many parents quickly pulled their kids out of class when they heard the news and not long after, school officials determined the threat was not real.

"My stomach was very upset, I just couldn't believe it," said parent Joy Merriman.

Even though it was a hoax, students were already on high alert after their classmate, Jitarious Brunson, was shot and killed last weekend.

Some thought the shooting rumor was linked to possible gang retaliation in Brunson's death.

"Whatever is going on just needs to stop and cool down and let JoJo rest in piece," said student Pierre Chatelier.

"It was cruel, it was really cruel. A lot of these kids loved him and it was just wrong," said Merriman.

Others say no matter the threats, students will stick together.

"They are a very close knit family and they bleed green and they will get through it," said parent Mary Jo Potter.

Students are preparing to to say goodbye for the final time at Brunson's funeral tomorrow.