Published: Apr 25, 2013 4:47 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 27, 2013 11:54 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A man who received a letter labeling him one of the city's "Most Violent Offenders" believes the new tactic was a poor choice by police.

Coroy Flournoy, 30, was on the police chief's mailing list when the letters were sent in February.

"It just ain't right. He's calling me on here (one of) the most violent offenders in Fort Myers. He telling me all agencies are going to be following me around and that's what they've been doing," said Flournoy.

"If he thinks I'm out here killing all these people, I ain't doing it. It ain't me. You're targeting the wrong people, it ain't me."

Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker mailed personalized letters to 25 of the city's "Most Violent Offenders" warning them that they are being closely monitored and encouraging them to turn their lives around.

"We had received 2 responses, not so much from the individuals but from mothers, grandmothers," said Baker.

Baker says the city is considering sending out more letters in the near future, as well as sending to the city's Top 25 Juvenile Offenders.

Baker says the move is an attempt to curb crime before it happens.

"Our focus is to say 'we know where you're at, we know where you're going. We're going to monitor you and when you're in the city limits we expect you to act accordingly," said Baker.

The city's top cop says other law enforcement agencies that have used this tactic have seen a reduction in violent crimes.

Police claim the 'Violent Offenders' are involved in 95% or more of local violent crime.