• Kimberly Joy Photography

Published: Apr 25, 2013 10:35 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 25, 2013 4:10 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- A 7-year old Miniature Pinscher mix, named Chip, arrived at the Humane Society Naples with BBs lodged in his chest and abdomen.

At first, the Humane Society was not aware of this, but examined him and found he had heartworms and a urinary tract infection. Fearing bladder stones may be present Dr. Linda George, Medical Director at the Humane Society, ordered an x-ray of the dog in order to make a complete diagnosis. That's when the veterinary staff found the BBs from either a shotgun or BB gun lodged in the poor dog's abdomen and chest cavity.

The dog was rescued by the Humane Society Naples from another shelter, so how the BBs became lodged in the animal remains a mystery.

"It is unfortunate that we still see pet abuse cases like this where it is evident the animal was shot by someone" remarked Humane Society Naples Executive Director Michael Simonik. "It is unlikely that it was anything other than cruelty as the dog is very sweet and is definitely domesticated. Chip was someone's pet that most likely wandered lost and stray until it was picked up by a good samaritan."

The dog is being treated for heartworm disease and its urinary tract infection by the veterinary staff at the shelter, and volunteers are helping continue his care until he will be adopted by a forever family. The x-ray also revealed that Chip suffers from arthritis. However, the pellets are not detrimental to his health and will remain in Chip as an unfortunate lasting reminder of a cruel act toward a lost, scared and lonely pet during its time of need.

The shelter is currently accepting donations to help continue to provide veterinary care for Chip and other rescued pets that require significant veterinary care before adoption to the general public. To donate, please contact Andy Reed, Director of Development at (239) 643-1880 Ext. 21 or visit www.hsnaples.org.