Published: Apr 21, 2013 9:47 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 22, 2013 12:18 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - West, Texas may be 1,300 miles away from us, but the devastation stretches all the way to Southwest Florida. Two of the men killed in the blast, have family here in Cape Coral. 

Bob Snokhous and Doug Snokhous were the first two on the scene and in the building. Wink News spoke with Bob Snokhous's daughter who says she is so proud of her dad and uncle but wishes she could have said goodbye.

"Every single one of them are heros, everyone of them who died, who stepped in here to help, just like in Boston," Snokhous said.

In an instant, part of West, Texas was brought to its knees.

"There's been an explosion at the plant, your dad responded to it," she said. 

Ten first responders died after responding to the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant Wednesday night. Cape Coral resident Marqee Snokhous's father and uncle were among them.

"They were still in the search for him and I was like, 'I want to call my dad. And of course I couldn't call him," she said through tears.

47-year old Bob Snokhous and 50-year old Doug Snokhous were brothers and best friends who worked as volunteers for the West Fire Department.

"My dad and my uncle were always the first ones on that fire truck, the first ones out the there," she said.       

Their bodies were found in the wreckage Friday.       

"They went into this together and came out as heros," she said.   

At least 14 people were killed, 200 injured and 50 homes were destroyed in the close-knit town of 2,800. 

"We had planned so many trips to go down there but it never happened because of the money, now it's like, I don't even get to see him," she said.

Now, Snokhouse says the overwhelming loss is sinking in.   

"I wish he and I had seen each other more. And I wish he would have met his grandkids," she said.

She says she just wants to get back to West, so she can pay her respects to the men who gave so much.

"It was the one thing that they always loved to do, if they could help somebody, they were going to help somebody."

Both men were also employees at Central Texas Iron Works in Waco, Texas. The family is trying to make the trip to Texas in time for the memorials for the fallen heroes on Thursday.

So far, no airlines will offer discounts, so the heartbroken family may have to make the 21-hour drive themselves.