Published: Apr 18, 2013 9:55 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 19, 2013 7:45 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL-Neighbors near a controversial Fort Myers intersection are frustrated over how long its taking to install traffic lights.

Their complaints come after several serious crashes at Metro Parkway and Briarcliff road in Lee County.

Penny Rawe has lived on Briarcliff Road for the past 19 years and when she heard of the plans for the new Metro Parkway extension, she was extremely skeptical.

"You are going to put 6 lanes across two lanes? How is that going to work? Hopefully there is going to be a light," she said.

But, no stop light was installed at the intersection.

"I think a light first and then you use the roads not the other way around," said driver Deborah Ford.

This past Sunday, Rawe decided to take action to make this intersection safer.

"I was coming around the corner and I said to myself there is another accident, I don't believe this," said Rawe.

Only to find out  her 33-year old daughter was involved in the collision.

Her daughter is okay, but authorities ticketed her. Even though new stop lights will be installed this Fall, neighbors are demanding changes now.

"I think it should have came in when the road was installed. They have street lights, why can't they have a traffic light?," said driver Erica Garcia.

The intersection became the center of attention after David Vanaman was hit while riding his motorized scooter through the intersection after it opened last October. Vanaman was in a coma for weeks and FDOT performed studies and concluded the area did need stop lights.

Rawe will keep fighting so she and her neighbors can have some piece of mind from now until the lights are plugged in.

"It is just like fend for yourself, that is the most frustrating thing," she said.

FDOT says the parts for the traffic lights have been delayed because of hurricane Sandy. WINK News has previously reported that the construction would begin in a few weeks.  That was incorrect.  According to Debbie Tower at the Florida Department of Transportation, construction will begin this summer when the necessary equipment arrives.  There is no firm start date for construction to get underway.  FDOT says construction will “finish in the fall – and the signal would be operational then”.