Published: Apr 17, 2013 11:02 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 22, 2013 12:57 PM EDT

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - An eagle nest, high above History Park in Punta Gorda, is getting some attention down below. The nest is home to a pair of eagles who have called the tree home for several years. The city has a temporary barrier surrounding the nest but some say that's not enough. Wink News spoke to city officials who say they have a solution to protect these birds.

 Behind the green tape and far above the ground a nest sits in the treetops.

"Public Works did it with crime scene tape many months ago and it's not a very pretty sight," said Mayor Bill Albers.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission suggested city of Punta Gorda create a more permanent barrier to protect an area two Bald Eagles call home. 

"We tasked Public Works to come up with some alternatives for us and they presented them to us [Wednesday] which was basically to put a fence around this 500 foot perimeter," he said.

But since the birds will not return to their nest until October the city says that's not long enough to warrant building a fence or a wall that could cost up to $15,000 so officials suggested signs instead.

"The fence won't keep people away, nor will the signs but it will accomplish the same thing and have a nice looking area," Albers said.

Wildlife photographer Starr Zachritz has been watching the eagles since they made their home here and agrees with the city's decision. 

"It would be great to have signs that says no trespassing and what distance to keep and how to behave," she said.

And says educating the public will keep the eagles safe when they return this Fall.

"Some people don't know there's birds nesting and just walk through and you can make them leave the best or their young," Zachritz said.

"We're certainly wanting to do any harm, we love the eagles, but we have to coexist," said Albers.

-- Eagle photos courtesy, Starr Zachritz

-- Owl photos courtesy, Bill Shade