Published: Apr 17, 2013 10:55 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 18, 2013 6:43 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--WINK News has just learned a Fort Myers school is shutting down, leaving parents of special needs students stunned.

Only WINK News was there for the meeting at Father Anglin Academy and talked to upset parents.

Father Anglim Academy is a school with a little more than 30 student and it's a place that Joseph Galarza says made him who he is.

"This school has like taught me more about life than any other school that I have been to," said Galarza.

But today, a stunning announcement. Parents showed up to a meeting and found out Father Anglim Academy is shutting it's doors.

"This has been dropped on us like a bomb," said father Steve Cook

Many parents left  extremely upset and some walked away in tears. A letter from the Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in Florida, Frank Dewane, says "This decision was not made lightly nor in haste."

"It is frustrating, it was a really good school. Our child was doing exceedingly well there," said Cook.

The school claims they had to continue to ask for more money from the Diocese to care for students and next year the need would have been much more. They also say major strides have been made in inclusing special needs students in regular classrooms.    

"If we aren't able to serve the children justly, Then we have to help them find other placement," said the Diocesan Director of Education Kathleen Schwartz.

Parents think the school was able to serve the students extremely well. Now they are left to search for another school and they say there are not many options.

"I don't want to yank him out of here, he has been here for a year, and now we are going to jerk the rug up from under his feet again. It is frustrating," said Cook.

Teachers and staff at Father Anglim will be given priority in hiring for positions that they qualify for at other Catholic schools The school's principal says she will work with parents to find the best placement for each child.