Published: Apr 16, 2013 10:56 PM EDT

Fort Myers, Fl.,- A doctor at Mass General Hospital in Boston explains to WINK how the location of the blast may have actually saved lives.

Six top hospitals in Boston surround the finish line at the marathon.

"All of those institutions are used to dealing with significant injuries and significant trauma, so for better or for worse, I think that was one thing that worked in favor of the injured folks," said Dr. Glen Barrisfort.

Dr. Barrisfort, a Urologist, knows first hand the situation inside the hospitals.

"It's always hard when you have a mass casualties situation and there are numbers of injured people; the doctors do the best they can to prepare," Dr. Barrisfort tells WINK.

He treated wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center and says the injuries suffered from Monday's bombings are similar to a war zone.

"We were ultimately the homeland receiving center for all of those guys with injuries and those are devastating injuries. The events yesterday, I imagine, were pretty similar types of injuries."