Published: Apr 15, 2013 10:38 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--Many across our area are still trying to get in touch with friends and loved ones in Boston. The owners of a local running store have been frantically trying to call friends who live in southwest Florida but traveled to boston for the race.

Jennifer Kahn is a veteran runner and this morning she ran the Boston Marathon for the second time.

"The weather was perfect at that point for running, very sunny out," said Kahn.

What seemed to be a perfect day for a race turned deadly after  bombs exploded right by the finish line.

Kahn was walking away from the area just ten minutes before

"I was one block away and was getting ready to get on the subway. It sounded like, similar to when like a very large firework went off, like a cannon noise," said the 29 year old runner.

Kahn's running coach here in Fort Myers was worried about her and his other 11 friends from southwest Florida who also ran the race.

"This is not happening--you have got to be kidding. Why would they target this?" said Mike Pemberton.

Pemberton and his wife, Candace, spent their day trying to text and call  friends who they have also trained for a race that they says is a runners dream.

"This is what they train for this is what their goal in life is, to qualify for the boston," said Pemberton.

 In the mean time Kahn, was left thinking about what all could have gone wrong and left her right in the path of destruction.

"If i had taken longer in the race, it could have ben some of my family members could have been there with me because I finished later," said Kahn.

Wat should have been a time of celebration, quickly turned in to a time of devastation.

"The mood downtown and everyone around us is very somber and very sobering," said Kahn.