Published: Apr 12, 2013 3:40 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 12, 2013 6:36 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - "It's one thing to purchase a gun, it's a far different thing to be comfortable with a gun and be able to use it if you need it," said Pippa Steinhart.

Pippa Steinhart is one of the women behind the Naples Gun Range and Emporium.

"We are 100 percent women owned," said Steinhart.

Steinhart said most of the ranges she would shoot at weren't helpful in making her feel comfortable.

"It was kind of similar to going to a male-oriented gym, not really sensitive to the differences of a woman shooter."

So she decided to open her own range. A place where anyone could buy or shoot a gun, but with a little extra care for the ladies.

"55 percent of shooters in this country that go to a range are 35 years and younger women. So, why not have special services for that demographic?" said Steinhart.

The range offers one-one gun training, a simulator, even self-defense classes just for women. Teresa Dent calls herself a gun enthusiast. She received her concealed weapons permit six months ago. On Friday morning, she and her husband brought their daughter to the range.

"She's kind of following in her dads footsteps as a hunter and getting involved with the guns and ammo," said Dent.

And Steinhart hopes to give women like her the knowledge and comfort to use a gun for sport and for protection.

"And it doesn't have gender barriers, women can do this right along side the man," said Steinhart.

The Naples Gun Range and Emporium is located at 4651 Mercantile Avenue in Naples. Their number is (239) 330-7265.

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