Published: Apr 12, 2013 11:45 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL--We have uncovered those internet gambling cafes the Governor shut down just two days are are re-opening.    

For Estrecia Brace, playing casino games isn't just about winning

"You don't just sit and press buttons you have got to scheme," she said.

Just a couple of days ago, Brace's favorite niche to keep her mind sharp locked it's doors after Governor Rick Scott signed a law banning internet cafes and adult arcades which are mini-casinos with mostly slot and video gambling games.

But we discovered Vegas Three Casino in Cape Coral and other adult arcades across the area have re-opened their doors just two days after they were supposed to shut down.

"I am happy to be working and the customers are happy to be here," said employee Evelyn McCool.

Governor Scott left it to local authorities to carry out the law shutting these places down.
The problem is, local authorities say they had no idea about it until the bill was signed, so now they are taking time to review the law and give shops more time.

"Every day that I stay open I hope that I can recoup some of my loses," said one owner of an adult arcade.

This arcade owner didn't want us showing his face or name his business fearing he would be a target. He just opened five weeks ago and invested a little over twenty grand and says he had no idea this would happen.

"I would have not come in here and spent money, went back to South Carolina and lose 20 thousand dollars and out of a job," he said.

And bracey is happy she can keep "schemeing,"

"I would have had to go home and what do i do? Maybe just sit and watch like a couch potato," she said.