Published: Apr 10, 2013 10:43 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 11, 2013 12:07 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla - Just a week before students take the FCAT, at least three Collier County teachers are out of the classroom and under scrutiny. At the center of the investigation is a claim the teachers got an improper advanced look at something regarding a test that prepares students for the FCAT.

School district leaders are staying very tight lipped. They will only confirm that three instructional staff members from Mike Davis Elementary school are under investigation.

Collier County students took the Collier Writes test in February to get ready for next weeks FCAT and WINK News has learned that prep test is the focus of an investigation involving at least three teachers or employees at Mike Davis Elementary School in Golden Gate.

"We're always communicating with the teachers and the fact something wasn't sent home to alert us, it almost looks like they're trying to hide something," says Vanessa Hernandez, a parent of third and fourth grader at Mike Davis Elementary.

Parents we talked to were surprised when we told them about the investigation. A spokesperson with the teacher's union confirms two union teachers were removed from their third grade classrooms last week. At least one more non-union employee is also involved.

Malita Castillo has two kids at the school. Her third grade son says his teacher hasn't been in class for two weeks and they haven't been told why. "It surprises me a lot because I don't expect that from a school," says Castillo.

In a written statement, the School District says, "the three staff members have been removed from Mike Davis Elementary School and reassigned to the Administrative Center during the investigation. Since this is an open investigation, it would not be appropriate for the District to provide any further comment on this matter."

"I'm very upset because our kids are held to a high standard and we are held to a high standard as parents," says Hernandez.

The union rep could not comment because of confidentiality agreements with the teachers.

Trust WINK News to continue to investigate and bring you answers as they become available.