Published: Apr 09, 2013 8:36 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 09, 2013 9:51 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, FL--A stolen sense of security for a Lehigh Acres family after thieves ransacked their home and took a safe with more than a dozen guns inside.

It happened on the 3300 block of 28th Street Southwest.

Scott and Heather Olding are your typical, hard working, close knit family with two children.

"My kids are my absolute world," said Olding.

But what happened yesterday would turn their world upside down once Scott came home from work.

"I happened to notice these two tire tracks in my front yard, which are way out of place," he said.

As Scott made his way inside, he noticed his sons window was shattered, the front door open and his 5', 850 pound gun safe was gone.

"It had guns, ammunition, it had a knife collection," he said.

A collection that the Olding family can't just replace.

"My grand father's shot gun, some 22's that he rabbit hunted with when he was a kid and he's gone now," said Olding.

"I can't hand a gun down to my son and go 'well if I still had the one your gandpa had, I would give you that one, but it was stolen," he said.

All that's left behind now are scrape marks on the concrete where thieves dragged out the safe.

"You don't  take something from someone because you want it. Does that make you a man? absolutely not," he said.

Now the family who tried to safeguard their weapons are scared about what could happen if the thieves crack in to that safe.

"What is going to happen with those guns? what are they going to to with them? that scares me to death," Olding said.

The thieves also took TVs, a play station and some jewelery. The family says it all adds up to a little more $13,000 in losses.