Published: Apr 07, 2013 9:57 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 08, 2013 5:02 PM EDT

NAPLES-Fla.-Three Holocaust survivors were honored Sunday night-Major General Sidney Shachnow, Lorie Mayer and Ann Jacobson.

Major General Shachnow flew in from North Carolina for the "Lives of Valor Event." He wrote "Hope and Honor." 
It chronicles his childhood in war-torn Europe and his final command of the army's elite special forces unit.

He said, "I have been in combat, shot at, recognized as a hero and I am still standing up."

Mayer co-founded the Holocaust Museum and developed its permanent collection.

She said, "My biggest contribution was to get the museum organized and up to date and to make it interesting."

Jacobson recently founded The Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Human Rights studies at FGCU.

She also convinced the Collier County School Board to put field trips to the museum in their annual budget.

"That made it possible for students to come to the museum and learn about the history of the Holocaust."

Attendees also celebrated the life of Raoul Wallenberg. He saved thousands of lives in Hungary near the end of World War II. He was arrested and never heard from again, but his legacy lives on.