Published: Apr 07, 2013 1:25 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - Thousands of folks chowed down on barbeque and enjoyed live music all to support a local charity.  It was the fourth annual Barbeque, Bands, and Brew festival for Builders Care.

What's better than barbeque?  Not much, but live music and cold beer aren't too far behind.  Add to it a worthy cause to support, and the 4th Annual Barbque, Bands and Brew festival makes for a perfect day. 

"We got some barbeque ribs working, some corn on the cob, we got some grilled chicken... we prepare our best food and we put it up against their best food," says Jay Johnson with Bubba's Roadhouse and Saloon.

Four restarants duked it out for the tile of best barbeque in town.  But organizers say this event is about much more than the flavors and family fun. 
Proceeds from the fundraiser go right to Builders Care.

"The spirit of giving is a very contagious thing," says Fred Barry with Builders Care.

It's a local non profit that's done $2.3 million worth of emergency home repairs and construction for more than 130 families in Lee County.  

"There's no words that can say what they have done, amazing, just an amazing group," says Bob Garcia.

Families like the Garcias.  A few months ago, they called Builders Care to fix their leaky roof.  Fifteen days later, the organization surprised the family, rebuilding their house from the ground up.

"I was shocked, it's just incredible," says Mary Garcia.

"We actually get to see how we change that life, it's an amazing, amazing thing," adds Barry.