Published: Apr 05, 2013 4:59 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.,- It's your money and one Lee County School is being recognized for saving close to $100,000 in just one year!
Now, Mariner Middle in Cape Coral is getting a cut of that savings to put back into their school.

"I did not imagine it would be this much money; never did I think it would be this much money," said Principal Rachel Gould.

Gould was shocked when she found out her school, Mariner Middle, was the top energy saving school in Lee County.

"The students and staff really bought into it and saved us quite a bit of money," Gould explained.

The school received a check for close to $50,000 because in over the span of one school year, they saved close to $100,000 on their energy bill.

"We get to do some really nice stuff for the students at the end of the year with the reward parties and ceremonies to celebrate the hard work that they have done, and we also to get to spend a little bit rewarding the teachers."

Some of that money will be spent transforming their media center into a "mini" Barnes and Noble and changes are coming quick..

"I already have the catalog open on my desk and ready to do some ordering!"

To save energy they school did things like not having refrigerated water fountains, turning the air conditioning off weekends, and turning off lights.

"For us all to be working together as a community to make sure that we're teaching students conservation and really applying it is a great thing for our community," Gould tells WINK.

The district started the program as a way to save money, but offered the schools an incentive- they get half of anything they save.