Published: Apr 02, 2013 10:01 PM EDT

Naples, Fla,.- Water is once again flowing through Clam Pass. 
Crews worked for weeks, to remove the inlet filled with sand, but shortly after it opened the sand piled back in. 

With tensions running high, Clam Pass is open and the water is moving, but the recent dredging project completed to clear out the pass didn't exactly work.
After two weeks, the inlet filled back up with sand.
Engineers say mother nature is to blame.

"We're working with nature, it's not like designing a fixed structure, we are working with things that change over time and there is always risk with weather," said Mohamed Dabees, Vice President for Humiston & Moore Engineers.

The pass filled in with 4,000 cubic yards of sand, which is equal to filling up about 200 dump trucks with sand. 
Usually the sandbar keeps sand from coming in, but the one at Clam Pass has collasped.

"It's like playing football with no shoulder pads, without that offshore sandbar, little inlets like this are susceptible to wave activity," said Neil Dorrill, Contract Administrator for Pelican Bay Services.

The pass is being dredged to flush the area for the mangroves.
We've learned dredging is an important part to keeping this pass functioning to the best that it can function.

"I think maintanence dredging will always be needed for this small little system; It's one of the smallest ones on the entire west coast of florida," said Dorrill.

The dredging project was expected to last for two years.

"Unfortunately, we get late season cold fronts and we get some of the highest winds equal to Tropical Storm Debbie like last year, and little inlet cannot sustain the flushing action needed for high winds and 30 mile per hour winds," Dorrill explained.