Published: Apr 01, 2013 10:33 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 02, 2013 12:09 AM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, FL--Is tourist season ending or extending? An early Easter this year had many thinking tourists would be out of the area sooner than normal, but today we found the beach full of people just starting their vacations.

If you plan to soak up some rays on Fort Myers Beach this week, you might want to pack the sun block and your patience.

Packed restaurants, beaches and roads it seems that even with an early Easter this year the tourist season isn't dying down  quite yet.

"Like right now it is just the Spring Break crowd, the high schools, before that it was the college kids, like kids from out of state and stuff and before that it was the older people--the northerners," said Michelle Shephard.

Many business owners say there are many differences in the types of people coming here. In previous years it was more singles visiting and now families are visiting the beaches. They say the families are good for business.

"Just because there is more of them,  you know, instead of 2 or 3 girlfriends coming to Florida for a week now it is 6 or 7 people coming for a week--grandma, grandpa, mom and dad and the kids all coming together," said Shephard.

"I think it is a good atmosphere for the kids out here, seems like they have it all under control on the beach and it's a lot of fun," said tourist Brian Rand.

Even though the streets and hotel rooms are full, other business owners say this year's numbers haven't been that impressive in part because of the loss of tourists from Hurricane Sandy.

"I'm hoping that because of Easter being early we get a couple more weeks of peak season," said business owner George Barber.

It looks like that will happen, at least for another week because no matter what the weather is like up north, many visitors say they have to get back by by Monday.

"We are going to stay here and finish the week out and hope it stays this pretty," said tourist Mitzi Higdon.