Published: Mar 27, 2013 10:43 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 27, 2013 10:55 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla - The FGCU Eagles landed in Dallas late Wednesday night. Fans and boosters are not far behind. Many of them will head out Thursday and early Friday, including several who sponsor some of the Eagle's biggest stars.

Many of the boosters, including Jim and Donna Sublett, have been involved with the team from the very beginning. They remember when there were trailers on campus and when the team played at Germain Arena.

"It's a great story, a great Cinderella story and we'll follow them as far as they go," says Jim Sublett.

Jim and Donna have cheered on the Eagles all season, as the team won the A-Sun Championship and as they made history in Philadelphia. "Tears just started rolling down my face and the lady next to me said what's wrong and I said I can't believe we may win this game," says Donna.

They watched Eddie Murray play for four years at Bishop Verot and Brett Comer in the City of Palms. "We feel like we've known them both a long time so that makes it really special and they're a special group of boys, really special," says Donna. They sponsor Eddie and Brett paying for their tuition and basketball scholarships.

"I'm an LSU grad, went to Missouri, Jim's a Johns Hopkins grad, but we're supporting FGCU in a financial way to help them get
 started and I hope other people will," says Donna.

With FGCU's oldest alumni in their mid 30's the athletic department depends on boosters like the sublets. "I hope people get their numbers straight. I hope they realize that FGCU athletics operates on a shoe string budget. They don't have much money," says Donna.

As they get ready to join the team in Dallas, their bags packed with blue and green, the know no matter the outcome of this weekend's games, this team has already won over 'Dunk City' and the entire country.

"To see this happen is very joyful and quite often at the end of life you don' thave joyful things happen. This is extrememly joyful," says Jim.