Published: Mar 27, 2013 11:43 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 28, 2013 2:23 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The FGCU Eagles' Sweet Sixteen game is less than two days away. Of course, we know the Eagles'  opponent quite well - The University of Florida. There's a huge UF fan base here in southwest Florida, leaving some fans feeling a bit torn.

FGCU fever is everywhere: signs, shirts, cookies, even nails. But, the Eagles' opponent is only a short drive north on Interstate 75, meaning there are plenty of local UF fans practicing their gator chomps.

"I have everything Gators," Scott Ower of North Fort Myers said. "Almost all the shirts I wear are Gators. of course."

When Ower heard his team was matched up with FGCU, "I was like, why?"

They're Gators in an Eagle's nest but, that doesn't mean local fans aren't impressed by FGCU.

"I hope Florida does good and beats them, but if they lose to them, I won't be too upset because FGCU is a hometown team," Ower said. "They're making history."

Florida grad, Ryan Sherry actually bought the domain name,

After and and Johnny Football took off," Sherry said, "I figuree why not have an opportunity to pick this up? For a big price of $30 I was able to solidify it."

Fellow Gator alum Michael Knox is helping design the site. But, they have good intentions.

"We want to develop a site that has info about upcoming events at FGCU, help with recruiting, help really bring FGCU athletics to the national stage," Knox said.

You can also connect with them at FGCU Dunk City on Facebook and @FGCUDunkCity on Twitter. While Knox got his Master's degree at FGCU and Sherry volunteers as Assistant Coach of the men's tennis team, Don't assume their allegiances have shifted.

"I bleed orange and blue," Knox said.

"I will be rooting for the Gators," Sherry said, "but, if they ever were going to lose, this might be one of the few games I don't lose too much sleep over."

Friday night, The Edison is Fort Myers will be packed with Gators fans and decorations. It's the local Gators headquarters. Chris Spiro with the Southwest Florida Gator Club said when they heard about the matchup, they immediately reserved a table. They're rooting for the Gators, but regardless of who wins, he said it's going to be an exciting game.