Published: Mar 25, 2013 10:32 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 26, 2013 1:23 AM EDT

Florida Gulf Coast University-Fla.-"Dunk City Part Two" was filmed Monday afternoon all over campus.

Malike Adigun said, "It is about the community getting behind the team maybe it is funny maybe it is not, but it is going to have a different take on it."

FGCU Seniors Malike Adigun and Amber Angeloro are the lead rappers.

Angeloro said, "This video we are taking our time on the. First one you could see was a black screen we used low budget and we are just doing it to be silly, but that was the point and we don't want to become rappers."

Monday a scene was shot on the lawn near the library.

This time around a few Eagles players made cameos.

Sherwood Brown said, "I think those are a lot of our supporters of our program and I don't know- Dunk City."

Once moves were perfected on the lawn, the whole production moved across campus to the University's beach

Kelsey Barr is a student who was in the video, "We have never had school spirit so to be in something like that is really special to me."

Student Michelle Beilein said, "Dancing and going crazy showing our Eagles pride and being proud of the school we have been at for four years."