Published: Mar 25, 2013 10:58 PM EDT

Cape Coral, Fla.,- Two living rooms go up in flames today, but this fire was all about keeping homeowners safe. It was all part of a demonstration to show the effectiveness of sprinkler systems. This is all happening as city leaders consider requiring automatic sprinklers inside of new homes in Cape Coral.

This mock demonstration shows how quickly a room can go up in flames.

"New construction contents burn quicker, hotter and the new homes are now 65% bigger than what they were built in the 70's and 80's," said Fire Marshal, Alan Carter.

Two rooms, almost identical, were set on fire. One had a sprinkler system, the other did not. It took seconds for the sprinklers to put out the fire; however, it took minutes for firefighters to put the fire out in the room without the system.

""if you don't make it our in three minutes, you wont make it out, what residential fire sprinklers do is give you an extra 10 minutes," explained Carter.

It's a part of the plan to show why new Cape Coral homes need to have sprinklers. Four months ago, long time residents Florence Shannon and her husband installed the system in their home.

"This here is our sprinkler system, this little white cap, hen it goes, it comes down and sprays the room where the fire is at," said Shannon.

Florences' husband is a disabled veteran, she tells us her mind is now at ease when she leaves her husband home alone.

"If i'm out and he is in his wheelchair and something happens, he can get out of the house."

But not all Cape Coral residents think sprinklers should be required.

"The added expense, I think you're just going to hurt your building industry. Your trying to make a big come back with the construction industry and this is going to add quite a bit of an expense with the builder and the owner," said Bill Markee.

Cape Coral will be the first city in Lee County with the ordinance, if it passes.